Monday, April 3, 2017

It's business

To quote The Godfather " It's not Personal , It's Business

People have a tendency to make everything personal, especially when it comes to business, years ago when I started in dispatch one of the VP's asked if my manager " liked" me , he said that if he " liked" me I was all set. At the time I did not respect my manager he was very mean to a lot of people and did even do his job well or know dispatch very well  but I put on my blinders and just did my job as I was new there and needed my job.
I thought rather he liked me or not should not be the question, the question should be - do I do my job well.
That was my first real introduction into how some businesses work and I didn't like it. People should not have to worry about kissing up to their boss or worried about if their boss likes them, they should only be concerned about doing a good job and constantly learning how to do it better.
When I chose to speak out about management and some of their falsehoods I was told it was because I didn't like them but I always tried to separate the two, my personal feelings and my business opinions, they are separate and my personal feelings I keep private.
You can not always get along with everyone so in work it should be about finding a bridge with everyone, including your boss.
Try not to cloud your mind with rather you " like" a person, - at work  make your decisions on pure business , what is best for YOU and your company and your co- workers. Once you know what is best follow it, if that means eliminating the negative then just do it- rip it off like a band aid and move on.
It's Not Personal, It's Business

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