Tuesday, April 4, 2017


It is good to see results.
It is satisfying to see results, especially in long range plans and/or strategies and even more satisfying when it comes to simple philosophies of life.
Like everyone else I had no experience in parenting but I had a vision and a philosophy and I knew I wanted to do my best to create a loving and happy home when I was married.
I also knew that I wanted my children to have a good education, no one in my family had ever gone to college that was something the rich folk did. I was raised by hard working parents and grandparents, my grandparents came here from Portugal , they all worked hard and normally held more than one job at a time but college was never mentioned. I was determined to somehow give my kids the opportunity for a higher education and knew that my wife and I would just figure it out along the way, and we did.
Both my son and daughter graduated college and have very good careers in education and yesterday my daughter earned her PhD in Philosophy and is a Doctor..amazing. My mom was always proud of my kids and has passed on now but I know that she would have been crying and smiling yesterday.
Yes, it sure is satisfying and rewarding when you have a goal, a vision, a philosophy and you stick to it and follow your heart ..I can attest that it works and there is no greater feeling.
Follow your heart and don't listen to the nay Sayers or the negative, go for the results you envision.

Congratulations Dr. Jillian!

                                       Jillian on the swing set with her son Gus- the sky is the limit

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