Thursday, April 20, 2017

Love- Power - Money-

Love-Power and Money are the three things that drive us -
They are reasons why we do what we do- every day.
We all need someone to love and we need confirmation that what we do matters.
We all look for Power, either individually or over others.
We all need money to survive.
Knowing we all have that in common where we differ is where we put our emphasis and time and what we prioritize.
Power and money are the evils and they can rule our every day if we allow it.
More power leads to more money..but how much is enough ?
Springsteen has a lyric that says poor men want to be rich - rich men want to be king.
He also has a lyric that says Listen to your junk man.
Both lines are very prolific and true.
If we allow power and money to rule our very life and our every day we lose our soul, all those people you may envy because they have the fancy cars and the big boat and toys have most likely sold a bit of themselves to have them and to maintain them, it is never enough.
Meanwhile that blue collar worker like a junk man may not have that glamorous job or that big boat or toys but listen to Springsteen goes on to say in the song - he's singing..
Try not to get caught up with the Power and the money and concentrate more on the love .. singing is much better way to go to work then teeth clenched and stressed.

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