Monday, April 10, 2017


If you want to improve- plan ahead!
Planning is pivotal to avoiding stress and succeeding, it does not mean you will never have issues or problems but it sure will shrink down the possibilities.
Think ahead, what will you need to do your job ? How much time will you need to do it.
Do you need help or assistance? What about goals for the week or the month?
Learning from our mistakes is crucial in our planning.
If you wait till the last minute to plan you are setting yourself to fail and it is all a reflection on you. At the end of the day you can point the finger elsewhere if there are problems but it falls to you and it is your reputation. 
Ask questions, there are basic questions that you know you should ask - ask them. Today we have many tools at our fingertips with google and applications- use them. Become self sufficient, the less you rely on others the more you stay in control and remember it is your reputation .
Plan ahead !

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