Saturday, April 8, 2017

Your House

Just worry about YOUR house !

Do not worry about all the drama or what the other guy is doing or who said what to who..just worry about yourself and your family.

It is easier said then done especially these days of the social media it is vey easy to get sucked into stuff that has nothing to do with you or sucked irmors and gossip...DON'T.

Before the days of cell phones and the internet when a new driver would come on board he would ask for my suggestions and how they could succeed. They already knew how to do their job, load, pack, build a tier in their trailer etc so the biggest thing I would say is to avoid truck stops because that is where other drivers would fill their heads with all their negative. 
Drivers would go into truck stops whistling and happy and come out pissed off and angry and all over stuff that most likely had nothing to with them. 

Of course not in all cases but the moral of the story is just worry about your house and how to improve what you do and remember the positive and why you are even out there to begin with..
to provide for your family...YOUR HOUSE.

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