Friday, March 31, 2017

You Will

Sometimes it's not easy
It's easy to give up
You do your best, seems like your best isn't good enough
Don't let that stop you, stop it and its traps
Keep moving forward, you don't have to look back

Break down the doors
Break through the walls
You already have it all

Own every breath
Own every minute
Who lives a life that's got no limits
Only one thing you need to know
Just never think, just never think you've won, and you will, and you will, and you will, you will

No need to give in
There's noting you can't take
Cause what you're made of wasn't make to break
You're even stronger, stronger than you know
You could stand together or stand on your own

All your can dream
All you can plan
It's already in your hand

You got no fear to scout
So leave the life you're born to live
Living my positive

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