Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The cycle

There is a lyric in a song that says " I drink because I'm lonesome and I am lonesome because I drink".
Another says " hurt people- hurt people "
We lash out at people because we are angry , and we get angry with ourselves for lashing out.
All cycles.
How do we break the cycle? First -recognize it, second -stop blaming yourself, third- make a conscience effort to change.
You will never break the cycle until you do the first two, then you need to get up every day and repeat one and two. If you need help ask for it, that is also part of the process. 
Baby steps.
I wrote a blog piece earlier about the difference from speaking the truth and hurting people, there is a way to confront those that effect us without being mean or destructive. Think how you want to say it and when and if you feel yourself losing it back off and try again another day.
The idea is to build bridges not walls, that is with yourself as much as it is with others.
You CAN break the cycle IF you decide you want to.

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