Thursday, August 17, 2017


If you are in business the number one goal should always be - communication.
How can you improve your communication?
Can you be better at getting ahead of things?
Can you improve letting others know what you are doing or thinking or wanting ?
Can you be more positive in your communications ?
Can you be better at answering email or returning calls ?
Nothing says " I do care about you " more then not answering an email or phone call.
If you are anticipating a rough call or an unpleasant conversation all the more reason to head it off earlier rather than later.
Your responsiveness tells people something, don't just tell them that you care- show them- respond immediately and here's the important one- FOLLOW UP .
Want to do better ?-  be better- communicate.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Only love can conquer hate.
If everyone is yelling no one is listening, you believe what you want and I will believe what I want.
We can have different opinions and still coexist, in this great experiment of America we wanted diversity and welcomed all religions and color and we put a great big stamp on it at the very beginning of this experiment with the first and second amendment.
We ALL want the same thing, to enjoy our time here however and with whomever we choose and in order to provide and have a roof over our head and food on our table we All need to work, after work we want to go home or out for a bit..we are not that different.
We get angry when we try to impose our views on others and they don't want to hear it.
Walls and Anger are not the way to get what we want and remember all we all want is to enjoy what time we have here on the green earth, and our time is limited.
Did we make a mistake with this great experiment over 200 years ago ? Can the people learn to coexist and get along ?
People are not born hating...just watch some kids playing.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I have been on this Earth for 60 years as of today.
It has been a crazy wonderful ride so far and I would not change a thing, there are certainly reasons for everything and life takes you down certain paths and put people in those paths for a reason.
I do ask the good Lord "why" why has he guided me so and put so many wonderful people in my life and I do believe that he has given me opportunities so that I can learn and help others. All I have to do is trust and be honest and do my best.
I have learned and worked hard from my first job washing dishes at age 16 and stocking shelves at age 17 and on every job that I have had the opportunity to be in ever since.
Thank you mom for showing me love and showing me what true sacrifice is and how to always treat people with respect and how to be honest.
The good Lord helped put people in my path that changed my life from my cousin Bob who took me under his wings at an early age and introduced me to hunting and fishing to my.first scoutmaster at age 11, he helped give me confidence in my self gave me the love for camping and appreciating nature.
The big one the good Lord put in my path was in 1980 when a young girl came in the store I was managing at the time at our Mall, my wife Lisa -I did not know it then but my life would then take a change that would take me down many beautiful paths - we married the next year.
God blessed me in 1983 and 1988 by sending me two beautiful kids, my daughter Jillian and my so Michael, watching them grow and being a part of their lives has been my life and now watching them with their marriages and children are my true rewards.
Work wise Frank D gave me my first big opportunity at age 20 and trusted me to his asst manager and then manager at age 21, then my next big one- Paul and David Arpin- David hired me in 1985 to learn and run his operation. He and his dad had the patience and saw something in me and stuck with me and taught me and mentored me. When I started Arpin was a 7 million dollar company and when I left 35 years later it was a 200 million dollar company andalong the way I made so many friends across the country that I could not possibly list them all but know that they all have a place in my heart.
What a wonderful ride, and now the good Lord had put an opportunity to be part owner of a Theatre in my path. I happen to love music and live theatre and helping people so I will see where this path takes me and the people that I will meet and learn from.
I love my wife, I love my life !
Thank you Jesus.
Trust and be kind and let life take You on your ride and your paths.

Peace, Love and Understanding

Monday, August 14, 2017

Goal Post

Your goals should. Be like kicking a football through a goal post, you get up each day and practice and work out and try to consistently kick the ball through...but once you make it you need to keep moving the goal post.
Complacency has no place in the work force, you should always want to improve and help the process and learn.
Paul Arpin, my mentor at work and the best buisness man I ever knew would always tell me he was learning. Paul was always moving the goal post and because of that he grew his buisness from a few trucks in the household goods moving buisness to one of the largest in the world.
Go into each day and end each night thinking how you can do it better, what went wrong in the process that can be improved ?
Who are your allies ? Concentrate more on building allies and relationships then on revenge or your enemies. You will always have haters...get over it and stay positive and move on.
Negativity and haters are dead weight- they will just weigh you down.
Stay focused on your goals- envision those goal post and keep moving them.
How can YOU improve ?

Friday, August 4, 2017


Believe in half of what you hear and less of what you see.

Believe in yourself more then anything else.

If you continue to do your best and try not to hurt others you will be ok-
You will make mistakes along the way- we are all human - that is ok too - just learn from them.

Believe in something bigger then yourself too- we all must be here for a reason -

Believe in the healing of forgiveness.

Believe that no one is better then you and you are not better then anyone else.

All we need is Love - forget the toys and stuff- less is more.


Thursday, August 3, 2017


Google is a wonderful thing, want to find something or learn how to do something or answer a question...Google!
Remember with good can also come bad..everything you google or post or buy on line is out there for all to see. Think twice before you post.
It had been over three decades since I looked for a different job and back then there were no home computers , yea I am that old, and now I found employers all searched me on the internet before we even spoke. Thank goodness my social Post are all positive, they can view your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, if you blog that is all out there..stay positive people.
As I always say social media not where you want to air your dirty laundry, want to bitch or complain about someone or something? Save it for that private conversation with your friend and even at that be sure they are truly your friend or else that too will come back to bite you.
Watch yourself, use self restraint and stay positive..especially on line lives.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

People are watching

People watch and observe how you speak to others.
Don't think for a minute that people do not know how you treat others and trust me they take note .
It can run but you can't hide and most of all you can't hide from yourself, when you act tough or holler at that fellow worker it is your reputation that takes the hit.
Remember in the grand scheme of things titles mean nothing, we are all the same and you get what you give..period.
The tough act and the abuse of power only last so long, it is a house of cards and it will fall and then the same people that push people around will ask for help and then realize how many bridges they burned. I do not care who you are or what your title is - it is how you treat the least among us that you will be judged in the end. 
You gain more with an open hand then a clinched fist , come down from your Ivy tower and look at people and listen to their
Remember people are watching.