Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Divide and Conquer

It is the oldest plan of attack ... Divide and Conquer

Throughout history the theory of dividing people and separating them and getting them angry has been a plan to be able to obtain power.

The same actually applies to the business world.

People try to wedge themselves between you and others and all in the effort for them to obtain power, the message is they are bad - I am good- follow me.
I could never understand that method and still do not understand it but it certainly works , it works for several reasons but mostly because people are scared easy and are mainly just worried about themselves therefore they will leave people behind and follow who ever they need to in order to survive.

The problem is “ If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.”
Think for yourself and think if “ they” are so willing to talk trash about others don’t you think it could be you they are trashing tomorrow?
 And think to yourself why do they need to lead by tearing down?
Who do you what to inspire to be or to follow?

You can lead by looking at the positive, you can be a role model.
You do not have to buy into the negative- it is all wasted energy-
-Be You - Be Positive... and never forget how you got where you are and who can truly be trusted.

Trust your gut and always try to build a bridge.. hate is very weighty and so is negative.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Weigh your Options... know your options.
In order to make an educated decision you need to know all the options.
What would be your plan B or plan C ? Which option is the most solid, the one that you have the most confidence in ? What about profit ?
Think ahead , in order to weigh your options you need to think of the “ what if “ situations .
In choosing the best option do you know that you may need to stay in the circle and help move it along ? You should know the partners that may need more assistance then others. We all have business partners that we know will take their part in just “ get it done” and we also know others that may need more TLC- make an educated decision-
Do your homework!

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Stress Kills...

Stress can sneak up on you and stress and depression are kissing cousins.
Unfortunately like other diseases and health issues most people live in denial and like other diseases like alcoholism you need to recognize it before you can begin to battle it.
Others may see it in you before you see it buy until YOU believe it you cannot and will not address it.

In cases of stress or depression or alcoholism there are other factors to take in , maybe your job or your peers are giving you problems, maybe it is just something small that grew into something big and you can’t seem to get back on track. There are many reasons why people suffer through these nightmares but hold true that you CAN face them down and you can lighten your load but first you need to do an honest self evaluation. Then start to strip away the negative and the best way to do that is to concentrate at the positive and on what is most important to you.

And hopefully when you think about what is most important to you , you start to realize it is your loved ones and enjoying the simple things NOT the objects and the stuff we stress about.

Breathe... take deep breaths and call a time out during your day and close your eyes and try to let it all go. Practice makes perfect...

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Keep on keepin On

Keep on Keepin On

There are no easy answers and there certainly are no roads that do not have their share of issues or challenges so understand that their will be tough days and you will get frustrated, that is ok- that is life.

We all go through it , no one has a perfect life .
It is tougher now because we all jump on social media and see all the smiling faces but remember that is just a snapshot in time and I guarantee you that all those smiling faces are also dealing with something, not that we should delight in someone else’s pain or suffering but we need to realize that it is all part of our experience- everyone.

Learn how to improve, learn how to communicate better . Take care of yourself and give yourself a pass- stop beating yourself up- you are trying to figure this world out along with the rest of us.

It is not about how many times you fall down but how many times you get up.

Just grab the wheel  and keep on keepin on and do your best.

Monday, May 14, 2018

People Matter

Two major ingredients to why we do what we do are:
Greed and being paranoid

We start to get things and want more things... that is greed - we want bigger, better and newer , we want more pay and promotions and along with that we want more power.
Then we start to obtain more things and more money and maybe even a little power and then enters being paranoid.

We become paranoid because now we do not want people to take what we have or take our job.
Unfortunately when we become paranoid it begins to remove what we use to enjoy and we become ugly and defensive, nothing good comes from both greed and bring paranoid.
I do think that both will enter everyone’s life and I do believe that they are both essential to face and to stare down and to conquer.

With both you have to continue to remind yourself what is important and what and who truly make you happy, do not get caught up in it all , with the power or the material stuff, it simply does not matter- it is one big illusion.

People matter , the simple things in life matter.

Let them all fight and scratch and claw and gossip, they are struggling to make sense of their lives and that is ok too because they are just caught in the web and they too will hopefully see the light one day but until then do not follow- lead.

Lead by being the example, lead by letting go of being paranoid and lead by looking for the simple things that make you smile- smile from the inside.

We all have the power - it is how we use it that determines our path.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Unconditional Love

Uncondional Love is beautiful ...
And also very hard to come across.
I think mostly we receive unconditional love from our moms and our dogs, if we’re lucky.
Most people will judge you or look at our negative side and never see US or the good in you but moms and dogs do not care- they love us no matter what.
There is no pretense or rules , they just love.
Happy Mother’s Day - tell your mom you love her - and pet your dog too !

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Pay Attention

Pay Attention...

Listen and learn and be responsive, do not always make it about you. As a matter of fact you should make it very little about you. People want to tell their story so listen and in the end unless they ask you about specifically about you they most likely do not even care- sorry just speaking truth here.
A lot of people talk so much about themselves and what they have done and how great they are that you completely shut them down as they are bragging and most likely mentally already moved on.
Nothing more boring to me then to hear someone bragging about themselves and it tells me all I need to know about their character.

Pay attention to others and what they say both verbally and with their body language, you will learn a lot about them and if you truly care you will find a way to connect.

Connecting and caring is the key to life... we all want and need to connect.