Thursday, April 13, 2017

Money and Power

Money and Power is unfortunately the driving force in everything around us.
As soon as we " grow up " and enter adulthood money takes over, that is why we think so fondly about our youth. When we are very young before money takes over we enjoy the simple things, we have time for the simple things and we only know stress from what we see in adults.

Then we turn 16 and want a car, well that cost money and we need gas and insurance and so it begins.
It is a real shame because we only have so much time here on this planet and we only have so many hours in the day and we give most of it up for money. Then the real shame is we end up having to " play the game" and sometimes follow the leader even if we know the leader may be wrong or simply not nice but the leader has the Power, the other and power.

Power is normally driven by wanting and needing more money and to gain and retain power some will sell their soul if they must.

Business is cruel and in my over 40 years in business I have seen it get uglier.
From the 80's till now I have seen a change for the worse, leaders are now not home grown and are not plucked from the working force.
Because Leaders are not working their way up the ladder as they use to they do not really know what the workers do, thus the show Undercover Boss, I have only seen a few episodes but bosses are sent down amongst the workers and are astonished on how hard they work and their life stories.
It is hard to gain respect from your peers when you do not earn your way up and without their true respect it is hard to lead.

I have seen the separation of power and money and the leaders and the true workers even get more separated. To the top now their workers are numbers and in the way of making more profit. Because they did not work their way up they forget their workers are the reason they even have a place of business and are the reason WHY they profit.

But because they want more power to obtain more money they will run over who ever they have to.
I am sure there may be some small buissnsees out there that do not adhere to this theme but they are getting few and far between. I know friends and family in all walks of life and very different occupations but they all have the same exact stories, people in leadership positions that just don't get it and just don't really care about real change or their workers.

Power and money should NOT be our compass. There is so much more in life to enjoy, look around, try to remember your youth.. don't sell your soul.

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