Monday, April 24, 2017

Establish good habits

We all have habits that we've picked up consciously or subconsciously over the years.
But are they good habits, or are they leading us toward failure?

The trick is to develop good habits- ones based on proper technique- and master the art of repetition so that these habits become second nature.
The only way we systematically acquire good habits is by being organized. We start of each day knowing their is a purpose in everything we do. The day is not merely something that happens to us. It's something we control and shape with our actions. Getting organized will start to put some discipline in our lives, give our day the structure that we all need. If we're not organized, we set ourselves up to be unfocused, to underachieve and ultimately fail, our best intentions wasted.

Do not put things off. 
Do the unpleasant things early in the day, thus freeing yourself for what you enjoy doing. Get yourself in shape to be mentally and physically prepared for your day and strive to impress not only the people that you are meeting for the first time but also the people you see every day.

Do your homework.

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