Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The thing about liars is they lie so much they truly start to believe their own lies and there lies the biggest problem.
I relate liars to alcoholics, you see only when a alcoholic admits to himself  that he or she has a problem can they begin to heal and change and the more liars lie and they more they live in their alternative universe the less chance they have to see themselves. And that is the crazy part, just like an alcoholic where everyone else can see that they have a drinking problem the same is true with liars.
 Maybe like an alcoholic they have glimpses of clarity, when sober most alcoholics have moments that they know they have problem, unfortunately they normally mask those feelings with more booze and so continues their cycle and spiral.
 Do these liars have moments of clarity?
I am not sure that people that create these lies and their alternative universe have moments of clarity because what happens is they normally form a circle of those that just go along with them , maybe they hold power of some kind and all though people see through their BS they find it safer and easier to just agree and nod their heads.
The harm is then the liars never really get the truth fed back to them and it just feeds into their world and their lies get bigger and deeper, just like alcoholics liars will have their day of reckoning too and both have a wake of people they leave along the way.
I see this more in more in life, business and politics, speaking truth to power sounds noble and easy but when the person spewing the BS holds the power it can be challenging to say the least. People will most likely either go along or simply separate themselves if possible , either way the head BS'er remains in his or her world and most likely hurting others along the way.
As always we can only truly ever change ourselves so remember the only true path is one of honesty.

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