Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What it is all love

A response from my last blog posting from my daughter-

 Thank you, Dad!  I feel so blessed to have strong supporters in my life, and I don't know how they pick which family to send you down the chute to after they tickle you with the feather up in the clouds and the green light turns to FAMILY, but I can't believe my luck that I landed with you and Mom and Michael David.  When I started teaching, I really just could not even believe the giant range of childhood experiences people can have.  I realized HOW MUCH I had taken it for granted that Michael and I had two parents who loved us so completely and wholly, and who worked hard and took such good care of us and fed us dinner every night and listened to us and read to us and told us school was important and danced with us and said we could do anything we wanted and meant it.  Most of my students came from one-parent homes, or lived with an aunt or a grandmother or in foster care, and their families were all doing what they could, but there were sometimes issues of addiction or abuse or neglect, or family members in prison.  I reflected every single day-- and still do-- on how amazingly strong my foundation at home was.  I want Gus to feel as loved and supported as I always have, so thank you for teaching me how to be a parent.  I love you so much, Dad!

Little Miss Magic, Ph.D.

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