Friday, April 7, 2017


Honesty is definitely the best policy.

Be yourself, be honest with others and you will go a long way.
Being honest also means to not be hurtful, there is a time and place for everything.
Some people take great pride in saying whatever they want to who ever they want and pass it off by saying I am just being honest. Being honest does not give you a free pass to hurt people or to spread gossip that may effect others.

Be smart, you know what is hurtful and what is not.
When in doubt take a breath and pass, you have nothing to gain by slamming others. You can be honest and true to yourself without bringing others down.
 Plus always remember you may not know the whole story anyway so give them the benefit of the doubt, say your side and leave it at that.

Everyone is going through something and it may effect them at the time, on that day and it that situation, you will be there some day too and will appreciate it when others give you the space you may need.

It comes back around- be honest but not mean or hurtful.

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