Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I recently heard a cancer survivor tell her story and she said her husband told her as she was going through her treatments- don't die before you die.
For some reason those that go through cancer treatments and survive are much more in funded that tomorrow is never promised, well I guess there isn't a big mystery why they are in tune , it is because they were threatened and all of a sudden they realized all they had taken for granted.
Why does it take for us to almost lose something to appreciate what we have?
Take a moment and give thanks for all you have, I often tell people that if you are healthy and your family is healthy then the rest is minor. Don't waste a day being angry or vengeful, it will weigh you down and waste your energy. We only have so much oxygen and energy in a day- use it positively.
Do not wait for someone to take something good away from your life for you to appreciate it.
And do not be afraid to reach high and take on more - Don't die before you die.

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