Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for everything you do.

One great quality that Leaders have is the ability to take responsibility- we all know that responsibility ultimately gravitates to the person who can shoulder it. We must be strong enough.
The more you stand behind what you do or what you decide, the more you will be able to feel that it is a reflection of yourself.
It is your integrity that is at stake when you genuinely take responsibility for what you do.

Make clear choices and stand behind those choices.
Be fully present in whatever you are doing.- Once you have committed yourself to an activity, an appointment, a relationship, you have committed yourself to being there in an active and engaged way. Integrity means consciously committing yourself to reality, to what is right under your. Nose. It means emerging yourself wholeheartedly in whatever you are doing.

Committing yourself to reality means doing everything you can to eliminate comparisons, fantasizing, wishing, or all the other mental distractions that not only take you out of the moment but also rob you of your power.

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