Tuesday, April 18, 2017

PowerPoint Presentations

Back a few decades PowerPoint presentations were the rage, if you were presenting and didn't use it then you were oblsolete. Now everyone uses them and they are boring as hell.
Most presenters have no clue how to best use their PowerPoint so they end up throwing up graphs and statistics and then follow it up by reading them...boring.
If you know your product and you are excited about it then show your audience, once you start reading your slides or throwing up bar graphs you start losing your audience one by one.
If you are going to use a PowerPoint just throw up your basic talking bullets of your talking points and/or pictures to drum home your speech.
Keep your audience focused on you and your message NOT trying to read a screen from 10-30 feet away.
It is best to also include your audience, use them to drive home your point , study them ahead of time.
Knowing your audience and preparing properly is the key to a good presentation.
Do not rely on slides.. practice your presentation several times. I use to go through my whole presentation with my wife or kids and make notes a long the way.
Do not miss a great opportunity to convey your thoughts and passion by being lazy or to slick, just be yourself and speak from the heart..not from a PowerPoint.

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