Tuesday, May 31, 2016


A " click " is a group of people that form their own little circle and they have the "us against them" mentality. They make those outside the " click " feel like they are inferior or misfits.
These clicks start at a early age, I watch my 7 year old grandson try to befriend kids that are 10 or 11 and the bigger kids don't want to accept him and make him fell like he is unwanted, and outside the click. We all went through it at one point. It continues through elementary school and middle school , even High school and college. Then we enter " The Real World" and get a full time job only to find that their are still clicks in the work place.

Come on - does it ever end?

Apparently not, I have a co worker that told me that her father who is 89 and in a assisted living place recently found himself being influenced by some other guys in the place- even older then him.
They formed their own click and was going to protest the food in the cafeteria.
Really- even at 89 and 90?
Turns out they did not realize that they could choose.

Crazy huh?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Make your parents proud

Make your parents proud

 All of us are here on this earth for a reason.

We may not know what our destiny is just yet, but it will reveal itself in time. All you can do while you figure it out is live the life you want to tell.
Don’t wait on circumstances to change or make money the focus of your goal. Tomorrow will work itself out and money will come and go. Find what makes you happy and make sure you are doing that.

When you come to a fork in the road and aren’t sure which path to take, ask yourself who in your life you care about most and then make the decision that will make them proud.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Don’t burn bridges

Don’t burn bridges

 Real leadership isn’t something that can be accomplished on your own. You’re going to have to rely on the talents and good will of others to help your organization reach all of its goals, so likeability needs to be one of your greatest abilities. People are willing to do a lot more for you when they really like you.

Making enemies isn’t an option.

You need to earn the respect of the people on the other side of the table and they need to know that, even when you don’t agree, you’re still going to be fair and honest. You won’t succeed if people are waiting to knock you down and are hoping you fail.

Swallow your pride and work on your relationships, especially when it’s hard and the last thing you want to do.

You never know when you’re going to need the help of your “enemy” to take your business to the next level.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Develop a peaceful core

Develop a peaceful core

 To be an effective leader, you have to carry within your core an untroubled, peaceful center that allows you to stay calm and weather whatever storms happen to be brewing.

Check your inner dialogue often to make sure you aren’t letting in negative thoughts that lead to you being critical, resentful or in a state of constant worry.

You have to take the time to find an inner peace that allows you to be content with exactly who you are as you are and will allow you to stay possibility- focused instead of reacting to situations that will inevitably arise with panic and anxiety.

Look for that inner peace in your religious practice, gardening, exercise or any other place where you feel calm and connected to the positive things in your life.

 Escape there as often as needed to recharge and stay focused on being an effective leader.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Do the best and most efficient job

The drawing above is by the Dutch graphic artist Maurits C. Escher. It shows a mosaic of interlocking birds, fish and animals, demons and men. Technically this is known as " tessellation" but to us it means putting something in every available space.

Household goods movers are paid by the weight they can pack in their vans rather than by the volume that weight occupies; so, like Mr. Escher, they most become skilled in interlocking pieces of furniture, cartons, and household goods so as to leave the minimum ( ideally, zero) of unused space.

The moving business is not an easy business and the role of a loader is very demanding, both physically and mentally. His company gives him the responsibility to handle and transport, literally, millions of dollars worth of household goods every year. Coupled with this responsibility to his employer and his customer is his responsibility to himself and his family.

A mover chose this profession so it behooves them to DO THE BEST AND MOST EFFICIENT JOB they can to earn their living.

 Efficiency means packing the household goods they are moving into their vans with the highest possible density with no damage.

The experienced loader finds pleasure in watching the pieces fall into place. tier after tier, like the pieces of a giant three dimensional jigsaw puzzle. And when it's all over and the mover pulls the last strap tight and secures the load, he can climb into the cab with an easy mind, knowing that the shipment will come off at the other end of the journey without a scratch on anything.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Focus on what you can control

Focus on what you can control

 As a leader, you have to be the most focused person on the team– and not just focused on anything and everything. You have to be focused on the things where you will have some influence that will move the company forward. That requires some introspection on your part.

You need to ask yourself what your weaknesses are and then position yourself where they won’t get in the way of progress.

The only thing you can change is what you do and how you react to situations. Don’t waste your time focusing on what your predecessors may not have done right, trying to change your customers and employees or trying to get results by lighting a fire under people.

Instead, focus on what you need to do to build a bright, secure future and that will create the why that gets your people motivated.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Build your strenghts and Earn your position

Build on your strengths We are all born with talents, but instead of focusing on those talents, we waste a lot of time trying to get better at the things we’re not good at. Stop wasting your time trying to do things other people do far better than you. Instead, find something you’re good at without trying hard. Then try hard to hone that skill.

Being a leader doesn’t mean you’re the one guy who knows how to do everything. It means you’re the one who know how to get things done, which means you know how to delegate and rely on the strengths and talents of others to help your organization reach its goals.

Earn your position The greatest opportunities for leadership typically arise during times of trouble and chaos. That means people who aren’t necessarily in leadership roles have to step up and create their position.
Embrace the adversity, because, even though at the time it may feel like the world is crumbling down around you, it may be exactly what you need to move your career to the next level.
Once you earn a leadership position, don’t think you’re in a position where to slack off and let the people below you do the hard work.

No matter what your position is, you’re really not that big of a deal. Real leaders work harder than everyone else and, in order to show you’ve earned your position, your people need to see no one is more committed than you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Please meet Veteran Driver- Ike Thornton-

Ike Thornton is the epitome of a road warrior. Throughout his 38-year career, he has crisscrossed the United States thousands of times and logged in millions of miles. The first time he gripped the steering wheel of an 18-wheeler, his future was set. He immediately set a goal to one day become an owner operator. A standout loader at OK Moving and Storage in his hometown of Norfolk, VA, Ike quickly separated himself from his contemporaries with his strong work ethic and knack for fitting a full size sofa in a hole the size of a love seat. Deemed a once in a generation talent by the industry old-timers, he was not only a capable loader, he could drive with the best of them! The writing was on the wall. Ike was destined to be an owner operator. In 1979, Arpin Van Lines took a chance and offered him the opportunity of a life time. Under the alias “Cool Dude,” which he would eventually make famous, Ike hit the road vowing to bring the sun up the next morning.

A few road trips into his career, Ike made the ultimate pick up—his beautiful wife Lorraine. Better known as Lola, she stole his heart, became his business partner, and the newlyweds established a home base in San Diego, California. In 1981, his dream of becoming an owner operator was realized with the purchase of his first truck, a Ford L9000. Ike is the first to admit that he owes Arpin Van Lines a tremendous debt of gratitude for the faith they showed in him. In his rookie year, Ike returned the favor with his productivity and gained the respect and trust of his colleagues. A natural charmer with a healthy obsession for professionalism, dealing with customer demands came with ease. Whether business executive, professional athlete, or military top brass, Ike’s “I treat yours like its mine philosophy” left every customer satisfied. When your company’s reputation is on the line, Ike Thornton is the driver you want pulling up to residence. With every passing year, Ike consistently exceeded expectations and collected countless safety and productivity awards.

The once aspiring owner operator turned master mover is now the industry’s sage. Hundreds of drivers, young and old, seek out his advice. He routinely counsels them on practical matters ranging from the quickest route to their destination to the most opportune time to invest in a new truck. In the face of advancing technology and stricter rules and regulations, Ike continues to find ways to work smarter. Thousands of people recognize Ike by his iconic sun shades, neatly trimmed beard and jean jacket. Over the years his trucks, like his personality, got bigger and brighter. If you ever saw his bright white Pete rolling down the highway with chrome shining, you would swear you saw a unicorn. It’s no secret that Ike is approaching retirement, but his larger than life personality and legendary career will roll on forever.

Shine your light on others

Shine your light on others

Real leaders understand they are there to work for their teams, and not the other way around.

 Real leadership, the kind that makes a lasting impact, is centered on building up the people who work for you and shining a light on them and their achievements.

People are more productive when they feel recognized and appreciated. But, recognition can’t be something you don’t do regularly. Make recognition part of your culture. Share the credit with your people when things are going well and don’t blame them when they’re not.

You take that responsibility since, as the leader, what they do or don’t do is a reflection of your guidance.

When you do a good job of making the people around you look and feel good, it’s ultimately going to make you look good, too.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Decide who you are

Decide who you are

 Your past and your upbringing may have been less than desirable, but that’s not important because the person you ultimately become is up to you.

Decide what you believe in and who you are in the process of becoming. Look for the good in yourself and focus on bringing out those qualities. Then, grant the same grace to other people.
Even when you hit roadblocks, keep moving forward.

Deal with the issues right in front of you, with the intent of being just a little bit better today than you were yesterday.

 Incremental improvements take patience, persistence and faith, but they will go a long way to make you the kind of leader people admire.

Friday, May 13, 2016


What happened to doing good deeds and not bragging about them?

You should want to do good things because it is the right thing to do not because you want to brag about how good you are.

Mr. Arpin was the perfect example of this, I saw him do this every day. Once I was raising money for a driver who needed multiple surgeries and he called me in his office and wrote me a personal check for $20,000 to help the driver and asked that I tell no one, no one knew till after Mr. Arpin passed and I tell the story now to show what a giving man he was.
That was just one example of many.

The great thing about giving is it makes you feel good and it always come back to you in one form or another. But if you take to bragging about it in almost diminishes the good deed and I think it lessens the return.

Do you because it is the RIGHT thing to do.. GIVE and FORGIVE and you life will be rich.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Here's the realities.. there are snakes in the grass no matter where you work.
There will be people that take advantage of you, lie to you, stab in the back and talk about you behind your back. - Yup- that is a fact of life.
I do not care what business you are in or even if you own your own business these people exist and will take you down with them..if you let them.

In the same work place there are good people, people that care and will go out of their way for you- Yup- that is a fact too !
Accent the positive and pull them in- listen to them and help them.

Do not hate the back stabbers and allow them to invade your thoughts or your energy. First just come to the conclusion that no matter where you go they will be there, maybe in a different package and a different name but trust me you cannot run from them.

Instead- learn from them and I know it sounds crazy but smile at them and show them that they do not and cannot control you or your day- that drives them crazy and it helps keep you smiling.
Smile and limit your conversations with them- speak when spoken to and give short precise answers- do not go looking for trouble.
 If you already know that they want to fight do no give them the pleasure.
Move on.

If they are mean or obnoxious- take note and do your best to not do the same to others.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Create four options before choosing one path forward.
Believe in your ability to learn, grow, and adapt.
Remember times when you rose up and faced big challenges in the past.
Respond to your fear of losing by developing strategies and taking aggressive action. The fear of losing your reputation enables you to face the lesser fear of looking the beast in the eye.
Think more about taking action than doing everything perfectly.
-Hang with men and women of valor.
 -Listen to people with battle scars.
-Doers are better than dreamers when it comes to looking the beast in the eye.
Worry more about the next play and less about winning.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Look challenges in the Eye

Teammates respect your ability to assess realities. It’s difficult to trust leaders who pretend things are better or easier than they are.
 Commitments are honorable when you choose to shine lights on hairy beasts. Minimizing challenges diminishes the value of grit.
 Relationship is more relevant when obstacles are big and teams need to pull together.
The danger of minimizing challenges is lack of preparation.
If winning was easy, there’d be fewer losers.
Courageous leaders rise up and look challenges in the eye.

Monday, May 9, 2016

When do we relax ?

When is it that the blue collar working man can relax?
The average guy does not mind working, we at least I can only speak for my generation, I am 59.
I think for those of us that grew up in the 60's and 70's and 80's grew up knowing that work is a necessity , so we went to work. Some of us went to college but many of the circle I hung with could not afford it, we came from mill working families that made enough to hopefully buy a home and put food on the table. College was not an option.
So we went to work, washing dishes or working landscaping anything to make a paycheck. From there watched and learned and tried to take advantage of any opportunity.

Fast forward 40 years and many of us are heading into our 60's or have entered our golden years- so the question is when do we relax?
I think it is only fair to give of your self for 40 years and then take time to do whatever it is that you WANT to- not NEED to.
But can we ?
It is getting more and more difficult to grab that brass ring but we have to try.
First thing we need to do is learn that LESS IS MORE.

The younger generation have to learn that a used car is ok, that hand me downs are fine and if you cannot afford it do not buy it.
If they do not I am afraid that they may never see the day that they can truly relax.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Staying loyal

Staying loyal is important to me- both in my personal life and at work.
The one thing that has been constant for me for the past 35 plus years is I always made my decisions based on my family- my kids and my wife came first.
That said I knew that I had to provide for them so I had to show my loyalty to my work and I did and still do.

Life is a very interesting ride and it certainly is always full of choices and different roads to take and they are times that we may take the wrong road but if you continue to use what is important to you as your compass you will eventually find the right road.

The key is to be able to SEE what is in front of you and to be able to admit that you may have taken the wrong road, maybe for the right reasons at the time but it did not lead to where you thought it might- that is part of the ride.

What is important to me may not be the same for you- I do believe though that in the end if money is you sole reason you will find a empty pot at the end of your road- money is the means of which we need to live but cannot be the sole reason we do what we do.

Loyalty is important and so is honesty - with both of them on your shoulders you will not fail.
 Being honest with yourself if just as important.
Don't beat yourself up for past mistakes or failures or your weaknesses , that will not help you. Simply understand that we all have them , it has we work through them that is the difference.

What or who is important to you ?

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Children have a innocence about them, their smiles, laughter and love are contagious.

They look at life and others with wide eye wonder.
If you ever watch kids in the 4-9 age when they meet other kids- all they want to do is play, they do not care about your gender or your color of skin or what other friends you may have- they just want to play and have a good time.

What happened?

I often wonder at what age did most people change from that little child wonder and acceptance, and what changed for them to turn ?

I realize that as we get older we get burned or ridiculed and that may cause us to grow a hard or rough exterior but it is a shame because along the way we lose what is special about life.
Life should be lived and experienced and most of life's lessons are what we do and who we meet along the way.
The more we close that off and pre judge the less we learn and experience.

Try to remember way back when you were a kid or take the time to watch the little around around you and try to just smile more and enjoy the ride !

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Always try to keep perspective.
When something goes wrong, or not the way you preferred keep perspective on the situation.
In the overall scheme of things- how big is it?
Access the situation- think of a plan for correction and start the process.
The time that you spend complaining about the problem is time you could be spending to correct the problem.
Then try not to relive it by telling everyone your hardships or posting it all over the social media..
Move on.
We all know that you will most likely embellish and point blame or try to make it bigger than it actually was.
Move on.

Keep perspective- was it REALLY that big a deal?
Are you healthy ? Are your loved ones healthy ?
If you answered yes to those questions than the rest of it is just B-S-

Keep perspective

Monday, May 2, 2016

It is ok to Fail

Here are some Famous Failures -

Steve Jobs
At 30 years old he was left devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started.

Walt Disney
Fired from a newspaper for " lacking imagination" and " having no original ideas".

The Beatles
Rejected by Decca Recording Studios, who said " we don't like their sound- they have no future in show business".

Michael Jordon
After being cut from his high school team, he went home' locked himself in his room, and cried.

Albert Einstein
He wasn't able to speak until he was almost 4 years old and his teachers said he would " never amount to much".