Thursday, April 6, 2017

Losers and winners

The one thing I have learned in business is losers look for someone to blame and winners look within.
Everyone messes up, it's is how we learn. If you do not mess up you are probably not reaching outside your comfort zone or working hard.
It comes with the territory but I have found that some people cannot admit to to their mistakes or their failures, they need to blame someone else- anyone else.
People that are confident in themselves make mistakes too but they do not blame other people, even when other people may even have contributed, they shoulder the heat, learn and move on.
People who fail and need to blame others need to take a good look in the mirror, what could they have done better? How can they prevent making the same mistake again ?
When you point to other people or name other people when things go a stray you just look weak.
Walk tall, learn from your failings, get up and hit the wall again and always shoulder the blame.
Don't look weak.

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