Monday, March 13, 2017

Face your Fears

Afraid of flying ?.. Fly.
Afraid of speaking in public ? .. Get up and speak.
Afraid of trying something new?.. Experience new things!
Once you face your fears you realize that there was nothing to fear in the first place.
When you see a young child they are fearless, they have not yet had fear instilled in them and they want to experience everything. They also have no bias, when they see other kids their age they just want to play. We can learn a lot from children.
By trying things we fear we get a adrenaline rush and our hearts pound , and at the end we feel good, we feel like accomplished something..we learn.
If you always stay inside your comfort zone you are not doing yourself justice and will miss out.
You will miss out on meeting new people and possibly sharpening skills you may never have known even existed.
Why do really have to lose?
Who really cares ?.. at the end of the day life goes on either way, might as well grab as much of life that you can while you are here.
Face your Fears !... Live Life !

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