Friday, March 3, 2017


I had a few appointments this week, one was with the dentist and one was with the CEO of a local what in the world would these have in common ?

Passion.. yup passion.

The dentist was an orthodontist that specialized in root canals, I complemented the assistant because it was my second time there and it was all run so efficiently! From the time I walked there was someone there to greet me and check me in and I was shown in within minutes and while I was sitting down in the chair the assistant was already explaining what to expect. Then with minutes the Dentist was there also explaining what he was going to do and went right to work. He asked how things were going half way through and before I knew he was done. The same went for the second visit. I always make it a point to compliment good people doing a good job , when I complimented the assistant she thanked me and credited the gentleman who started the practice years ago. She said it was important to him that everyone in the office got along and did their part. He also said he wanted people that cared about doing a good job. I hope he was proud of what he built because it certainly shows, people all get along and actually enjoy what they do.

Then I visited a historic Theatre that was saved from being demolished, built in 1926 it laid dormant for close to a few decades. A few older men that had other occupations but loved Theatre banded together to buy it and save it. Enter the now CEO , she help build it back back up and her main ingredient was , and still is, passion. She " believed " they started with $70.00 in their checking account and years later they have a thriving Theatre with a payroll close to $500,000.
When explaining her success she said that she needed to surround herself with other people with the same passion. Negativity was not allowed. They made mistakes and learned along the way but she ALWAYS believed.

Passion and Faith are unbeatable!

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