Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One person at a time

 Want to effect change?
You effect change one person at a time, you can make a difference every day with everyone you meet   In a positive way or a negative way- the choice is yours.
Most people have something going on in their life and during the course of a day we all look for a positive, a affirmation that we are doing something good or maybe we just need a little time to not stay focused on the negative or the stress in our life.
Take our military members, they are sacrificing every day and while they are defending our country for us their families are also sacrificing. Most members can move 8-12 times depending on their years of service. Wife's and kids that have to pack up and move, make new friends, change schools and go through the stress of selling and buying , banks, realtors, movers etc.. I have heard from many military members and their spouses through the years and it always amazed me that they were the ones going through all these changes and sacrifices but they took the time to communicate to me how the movers made a difference in the day and for that time of their life.
One woman contacted me to say how much she appreciated how the Mover took over and took the stress of moving away, her husband had just been deployed to Afganastan and she had three small children , all sick at the time. She was moving from the pan handle of Florida to Colorado, with all that going on in her life she took the time to thank this man who she just met and was moving all her personal belongings. -
He made a difference.
YOU can effect positive change.. one person at a time.- What a wonderful opportunity.

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