Thursday, March 16, 2017


Are you a boss ?
Do you work with a group?
Are you a parent of a teenager ?

To succeed in any of these arenas the one thing you need in common is you have to " Listen".
Listen to those around you, what are their feelings? What could they be distressed about ? Most people will tell you either verbally or with their actions what they are feeling and if you choose to ignore them it will most likely just fester.
 Most times if you acknowledge any "vibes" with the person one on one and with a sincere concern you can open up a open conversation and help deflate an issue.
But in order to even know there may be an issue you need to " Listen" and if you do decide to confront the person , try to hold off your opinion at first and just hear them out. 
You don't have to always be the smartest person in the room, you may not agree with whatever they are saying but listen and give it time to absorb. You may , after given it thought find some validity in their concern.
By at least listening and giving it thought you are acknowledging that the person's feelings and opinion is important to you .
 The worse feeling in any case, rather you are a employee, co- worker or relative is when you feel invisible or your feelings do not matter and from there they will simply shut down and begin to shut you out and then no one wins.


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