Friday, March 24, 2017


Your biggest regrets in life are the risk that you do not take.

Change is difficult, a few years ago my wife and I sold the house we raised our kids in and moved to a condominium. We talked about it for years before we actually pulled the trigger, what put it over the top for me finally was I told my wife that the time was right and the only reasons to not sell the house and move were either being scared or laziness- both were not good excuses. We sold and moved and never regretted a day.

Being scared and laziness are the two reasons we normally stay in our lanes and do make changes, we get comfortable. Being comfortable is all right, I sure enjoy my routines and give a huge exhale at the end of a good work day when I sit in " my chair" at home and hold my remote but sometimes breaking the pattern is healthy.
Change is good.

When you change it can be risky, especially when it involves big changes like moving or your job or relationships but if you are not happy or you are not fulfilling your true potential a change may be what the doctor orders. Now that does mean that you move on over any little disagreement, you can conduct change from within also, do not be afraid to speak out.

Being scared and/or laziness are never good reasons to not take a risk or change.
You will never know if you do not try and the worse thing is to look back and say " I wonder" or " I should of.."

How high can you go ? What is your true potential? Are you holding yourself back ?

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