Friday, March 17, 2017

Core Values

  1. Identify your core values
  2. Communicate the core values
  3. Align the values to your business practices
The most important part of this process is to decide what is most important to your company. Once you gain that clarity and define your core values, you must constantly communicate them to your employees. Use the values as a guidebook for how you make decisions and operate on a daily basis to show employees that you are completely committed to them. And make sure that your internal business practices are aligned with your values so individuals and teams can function easily and not hit road blocks because an internal process doesn’t support the values.
When you manage by values, you’ll have delighted customers who keep coming back, inspired employees who give their best each day, owners who enjoy profits made in an ethically fair manner, and suppliers, vendors and distributors who thrive on the mutual trust and respect they feel toward your company.

What are the Core Values of the company that YOU work for?
Do they walk the walk ? A good way to judge your company and their values is to watch how they treat their employees - do not settle- you deserve to be know that you will can work hard and do your job and at the end you will be treated fairly. 
 What Core Values are important to you ?

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