Monday, March 6, 2017


There is justice.. and the wheels of justice do move.. just to slow for me.
I have seen really bad guys mis use their power and titles through my business years either for their own greedy purpose or through laziness , mostly both.

I watched as they abused the people around them, lied and hurt others and it was difficult.
In order to make change I had to choose my time and my words, if I really wanted to help others being abused I needed to work smart and not have knee jerk reactions. Every fiber of my being wanted to confront and grab them by the collar but the only result would of been me on the street and having no ability to conduct real change. The only thing to do is to put blinders on and do MY job and do it to the very best of my ability. I helped wherever I could and made the bonds that I needed to make and I hoped that sooner or later others would see the falsehoods put for by these make believe leaders. And in every in every case justice did happen, people saw through the lies and the falsehoods, it took much longer then I wanted and there was collateral damage but justice was served.

Choose YOUR moments and your words and do YOUR job. If you want to effect change unfortunately patience has to be part of the equation.
There will always be people that are in it just for themselves and they could care less about the people around them so to survive and to thrive be smart, don't give them the power to hurt you and to diminish the good that YOU can do.

Put your blinders on and stay positive..conduct change from the inside and wait for those wheels of justice..they do me.


Chris Mcdonald said...

Good things happen to good people. Justice/Karma always comes through, just maybe not on our time table.

Gary Gordon said...

My blinders are on but the wheels are turning so slow I can't see them move lol I will keep waiting and hope my patience never runs out. So glad you got to see karma at work. Hopefully one day I shall see it too ��