Saturday, March 25, 2017


 They say silence is golden and as we advance in age we can attest to that.
Sometimes you just need to turn off the world..the news..the noise.
It can become overwhelming at times and unhealthy.
Sometimes you just need to shut it all down, take some deep breaths and just appreciate the silence.
If you can maybe even take a walk in the park or the woods or hit the water and take a boat ride out to the middle of no where. Now that is healthy and good for your mind and your over all well being.
I know that it gets difficult to find the time and time can just get away from you but try to make a conscience effort to do nothing, even if it is just for a few hours. You will greatly benefit from it.
Give yourself time to let your mind go blank or just rounder around, like you did when you were very young..can you remember that feeling ?
Go for it.
You are the captain of your ship and your body and mind..don't waste every day tense or angry or depressed or worrying about the other guy.
Shut it down.....learn to relax and appreciate the silence.

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