Wednesday, March 8, 2017


What motivates you ?
Money ?
Titiles ?
A big house?
Traveling the world ?
Sport cars ?
Harley Davidsons ?
Or is it simpler ?
A roof over your head ?
Heat and/or AC for your home
Food on the table?
Everything comes with a price and not just monetary but they come with a sacrifice, so when you think about what motivates you think about the sacrifices involved. If you have a young family the one thing you can buy is time, time with your family and trust me time goes by very quick.
In order to help you with your goals you need to try to remember that sometimes less is more. Do not try to keep up with the your friends or neighbors with material things and also remember do not always buy into everything you see on Facebook. People only post the happy moments and they too have their serious moments and sacrifices..just worry about you.

What motivates you ?

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