Thursday, March 30, 2017


Why set people up to fail?

The biggest reason I see people fail is the lack of training, managers not taking the time to give their people the tools they need to succeed. Actually now in many cases it is because the managers themselves were not trained properly, my fear that in many businesses people are hired and promoted by who you know not what they know.

 I see it in all businesses and it is effecting not only that work place but co- workers, patrons and customers and the person themselves, be it the manager or the employee not being trained properly.
By not taking the time to train you will find yourself at times trying to smash a round peg into a square, another words everyone has their strength and positives and what you may hire a person for may not be that persons strengths and by not training and listening you will never identify those positives therefore you keep smashing the peg. By doing so you lessen that persons confidence to work and they will resist or just give up or pull back, no one wins.

It is real shame too because you may have a good worker but by ignoring their needs or not knowing their character or personality you will never get the best out of them and to know them you need to invest time into training, listening and at times you may need to re think how you approach your training for each person.

Knowing personalities is the biggest part of managing and you only get to know your people if you truly care about them and want them to succeed.

Their is a huge difference from ordering people to do something and leading by example and showing them. Your biggest investment in business is not your building or trucks or material things it is your people.

Don't just tell your people to do a good job, give them the training and the tools to succeed.

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