Monday, March 20, 2017


What makes a legend ? 
They are original, they fight the tide, they do what they feel no matter what the time dictates.
Muhammad Ali
Louie Armstrong 
Chuck Berry
Nelson Mandela 
These are a few originals that came to life in a time of segregation and prejudice but did what they felt in the heart and soul and changed the world. 
Chuck Berry passed away a few days ago and it just got me thinking once again how special these people were along with so many others like Joe Louis , Joe Thorpe, Jackie Robinson to name just a few more. They fought the tide, stood strong and by doing so carved their names in history.
Think about not only their talent but the hardships they had to live , it is truly hard for us even to imagine the strength it must have taken. 
They were true leaders and heros.
Who are our future legends? True Leaders?
It is ok to March to the beat of a different drummer, to follow your heart , even if at the times you may be scorned or looked down many arenas that is easier said then done but thank God we have those that did stand up and walk tall. 

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