Friday, February 12, 2016

Thin Skin

It still amazes me after over 40 year in business that people have such thin skin.
I can forgive the youngins but after you been through the rodeo so many times you would think that one would learn .
The crazy thing is I have learned that the higher up the person or bigger the so called title the thinner the skin.
A person I worked with years ago was a ex navy guy and he tried not to let things bother him he would say just think of it like water off a duck's back- just let it roll off.

The other thing I noticed is that when these thin skinned people react it is because there is normally some truth to it.
The trick is to LISTEN...and try to not to react in the moment.
Take time to think about it, remember everything does not have to be considered an assault on you or your character- even if it perceived that way or put forth that way.
Remember they are reacting also and maybe their feelings are hurt or someone planted a rotten seed with them and they took the bait.

In order to be happy or succeed in life you need to grow tough skin.
Let it roll off your back.

This too shall pass..

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