Friday, February 19, 2016

The George Costanza theory

There is a Seinfeld for everything.
One episode had George Costanza at work and he realized that if he acted really busy and complained about his workload to people they would not give him work.
He worked in a small office with a door so when people came in he would automatically go into his " Oh my God I am sooooo busy  " mode. The person would listen to him and see him throwing his hands in the air and just apologize and leave. Right after they closed the door he would put his feet back on the desk.
That is the George Costanza theory .

Unfortunately I see this every day in the work place. I guess it works, sooner or later people stop going to that person. Meanwhile the poor bastard who never complains gets piled on.
Crazy huh?

I learned to not fall for that trick a long time ago.
I gravitate and reward those that just do their job and never complain.

In the long run they do get rewarded and the George's of the world are discovered.
Even George on Seinfeld was found out.. nice try.

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