Saturday, February 20, 2016

It starts with you

I hear it all the time..
Too bad it ain't like the old days
Why don't people help each other more
Why do people gossip or slander

It starts with you.
Try it..
Extend that olive branch first..ask if you can help or better yet just jump in and help.

If someone says something to hurt you or anger you tell that person and tell them that you can understand their frustration and that maybe they just miss understood-
Try it.. it starts with you.
Rather then keep it inside and start talking negative about that person- confront them and the sooner the better.
Do not come at them yelling or in anger- talk- explain your feelings and your side.
Now you may say why bother- you bother because deep down YOU care and if you don't it will just fester.

And here is the cool thing, when you are honest and sincere it will start to take down the walls and you may even gain another ally and friend.

Remember- everybody has a story - maybe they were burnt or hurt so they react the way they do.

Try not to judge- extend that olive branch !

Try starts with you !

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