Thursday, February 18, 2016

Power and Money

Power and Money..

These two things have brought down the mightiest of nations and the best businesses.

Poor men want to be rich..Rich men want to be kings.
A line from a Bruce Springsteen song.

Listen to your junk man..he's singing.
Lyrics from another Springsteen song.

Who is really happy ? The man always chasing the almighty dollar and the man who ejoys every day and is thankful for what he has?

I have seen people climb the ranks, come in just wanting a chance, a opportunity and a paycheck. From there some just want more and lose track of where they came from , they just want more.
Then they get so obsessed they start wanting what others have and they get angry at other people and what THEY make and WHAT they have.

Power and money .. starts to take over and rule their every day and slowly but surely they lose themselves and lose what they have to be thankful for.

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