Saturday, February 13, 2016

Live Life

I recently had a family member pass away and once again it reminded me that we are just visiting and we all never know what day is going to be our last.
Death has a way of reminding us of that.
The gentlemen that passed away was my brother in law, he was 67 years old with a wife, 2 kids and 4 grandkids and he loved them all.
He was also a Vietnam Vet and coached little league for many years.
I only knew him after the Vietnam years and from what I heard about him I think the war changed him. It made him a harder man and he certainly would let you know what he thought about other people or about anything.
He was never worried about being politically correct.
It took me years to start to understand him and I am not sure that I ever really got him..till the end.
He had a heart the size of Texas and he adored kids.
He has a odd since of humor at times and sometimes he may have been the only one in on the joke.
As with a lot of people at appear rough he was kind of sensitive and I think he got his feelings hurt at times and would just shut that person down- again all part of whatever was in his past.
He had a tough childhood growing up and watched his dad suffer and die at a young age and that may have played into his persona too.
We are complicated creatures at times but then again we are pretty simplistic- we all need to be loved.
If you befriended him he was a friend for life.
He loved sports then when his youngest granddaughter was born with a heart issue and required several surgeries he understood the true hero's are people like the doctor's that operated at that little girl. I think that also helped to puncture that hard exterior.
We are all what we are for many reasons - in the end it is a lot easier if you just try not to judge.
Live Life like it may be your last day..cause you just never know.


Thomas Olson said...

Isn't that something, he was a coach among other things. Sounds like my kind of guy !

Chris Mcdonald said...

Sorry for your loss. Death reminds us that it's OK to walk at your own beat and it doesn't matter what others think. Just try and make the best of it each day.