Tuesday, February 16, 2016


We recently loss Supreme court justice Anthony Scalia.
Anthony Scalia absolutely loved vigorous debate because he believed in the power of reasoning.

That is what is missing in today's politics and in today business world.
We need to be to debate , to listen and exchange ideas.

To many times people feel threatened in the work place and are afraid to speak up.
Grant you because we have loss the art of debate sometimes people come at you wrong and are angry therefore it never gets to the debate level.

One of Anthony Scalia's ( a conservative ) best friends was another Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg ( a liberal ) and they may have disagreed on many important topics they also agreed on many and enjoyed the debate.

Another supreme court justice Susan Day O'Connor said the secret is to learn to disagree agreeably .

It is ok to disagree, it is healthy to disagree.
That is how we learn, that is what sharpens our side of the debate.

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