Wednesday, February 24, 2016

After all is said

After all is said and done with how technology is taking over it still comes down to your word.

Even with all the computer programs there are and how much more we can do things at a faster pace to have true success and to have inner peace it still comes down to one simple thing..your word.

Your word to yourself as much as to others.
When you do not hold up to your own expectations to that voice in your head you are not holding up to your word..your word to yourself to be better, to do better.

When you promise someone that you will do something and do not follow through you are not keeping your word.
You do that enough times and your reputation will proceed you.

Your word is your bond and no matter where you go and how you color it- you cannot run from it -because you cannot run from YOU.

So you can learn new computer programs, buy the latest gadgets and shine up your toys all you want but in the end it is still simply YOUR WORD that will make you who you are.

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