Thursday, February 23, 2017

Use your kids

Do you have small kids at home ? Grandchildren? Nephews or nieces ? - Use Them !
When you start getting stressed or you get lost in the busy of the work day take a time out. Take a few hours or a half a day to just hang out with whatever kids you may be blessed with in your life.
They have the secret, they still have imagination and still enjoy the simple things in life. Look in there eyes and watch them, play in their world for a bit and your stress will slowly slip away.
I can remember years ago I was having one of those summer stress days in the moving business, most likely mid July, and I took a few hours to head home to play with my son. He was probably around 8 years old, we went in the backyard and just played imaginary sword fighting and ran around and enjoyed the day and it did wonders for my attitude.
Today a few hours with his son, my grandson, can do the same.
Need a attitude adjustment? - Use your Kids !

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