Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Fate is a wonderful thing.

The river if fate has lead me to some beautiful things my entire life..you just have to believe.
People enter your life for a reason, did you ever see the movie Slumdog Millionaire? In the movie you travel with this young boy through his life and in the end he thinks back to many of his memories and people that he meant and they have helped him. The river of fate took him through some horrific times as as a boy and he went through a lot but it all meant something.
Trusting in the river of fate does not mean bad things will not happen but there is a lesson in everything and everyone we meet. As we grow older we can't help but to reflect on our life's and the people that come in and out and how they direct us and how we learn from them.
It is pretty cool.
The secret is to always think of life as a lesson, our job is to continue to learn and to help others and appreciate the people and the lessons in our life.
Enjoy The Ride ! And the River- TRUST

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