Friday, February 3, 2017

Serve or be Served

As a leader do you want to Serve or be Served?

Some seem to think that as they rise in power or in title they should be served.  Even those that own their own business must remember that with great power comes great responsibly.
We should always want to serve and help those around us and through that we will grow and proper.
Once we feel bigger than others or more important we start our decent downwards, a politician once said be nice to people on the way up because they are the same people you will meet on the way down.

But if we keep in mind that no matter who we are and no matter what title we hold we are here to help and serve others then we will continue to learn and reap life's true reward.

Another saying is " to not get too big for your britches "

We all started somewhere and in today's ever changing times it is even more important to stay humble because that younger version of you is already probably light years ahead of you in technology so you best find a bridge and try to not only serve and help others but we can learn something everyday from everyone we meet- IF- we stop and truly listen and care.

It is best to Serve

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