Tuesday, February 14, 2017


How many true friends do you have ?
Who can you trust?
As we go through life we find that many people we meet have their own agendas , which is fine but for some to get ahead they feel they need to pull others down. Unfortunately that is life but do not let that harden you and do not buy into that philosophy.
It is easy to turn sour after you get burned enough times by people that may lie to you, especially those that you may have trusted but try to remember that in the end they will be judged. And I truly believe that they did not start out that way,  somewhere along the way somebody lied to them and hurt them so they chose the road of revenge of hate and they got hard.
Resist that feeling as easy as it is, forgive and stay positive and move on. That is much easier said then done and you will get hurt and angry, it is human nature but when you forgive and learn from it you will lighten YOUR shoulders and see life clearer.
Always look for the good in people, it is there somewhere, you may need to step away from the situation to get a clearer picture and there is no magic wand but do not become hardened and turn to the dark side.
There is more good in the world then bad but you will run into the bad.
Stay Strong, have faith and remember " no man is a failure who has friends " - A Wonderful Life

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