Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fake News

Fake News is in the news a lot lately and I can attest that fake News is all around us.
I am not talking about fake News in the political world, I have heard fake News and gossip my entire business life. People making up stories about me or others or even the company.

I say always consider the source and do your homework, if you have a question go right to the person and simply ask. Do not buy into everything you hear, remember most people have their own agenda.
If someone is slinging a lot of mud at one person or in a certain direction- beware - that normally means they are trying to avert attention from them- a classic move.

I have had to make tough decisions in my 40 years of management but I was always truthful and tried my best. Behind closed doors I always had honest conversations with a person and I always kept those conversations private so when I heard rumors I knew the truth and that person knew the truth but I did not find it proper to air my side in public.  No matter what I still wanted to protect the other person , even if being attacked and lied about. It is very difficult at times but in most cases after time goes by the person that was spreading the lies would come back to me and apologize- they knew the truth and so did I.

So beware of fake News and gossip- it is mostly mis-direction.

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