Wednesday, February 1, 2017

From our Road Warrior...Skip...

Way, back when....I think it was 1995, I had a job out of Miami that was really special....I had instructions to got to a “certain” intersection and park, call the shipper for instructions as to where to park...No problem...2 guys for 5000 pounds,supposed to be carries and an elevator, I was being paid for those, no SWEAT!.....I got here and called, he said I see you, get your guys out and stop traffic, blind side it back into that alley on your right and I'll be down there in a minute...Hit that alley like a champ, AND here he is waiting at the curb......GRINNING, like IDUNNO?

I asked him what was up, and he said you'll see.....I followed him to the elevator, went up 17 floors, and found out what this was about....Turns out he was a Photographer, except, it was porn....on the 16 floor of this building was the pool ( was in the center of the 16'th floor) and EVERY adult film actress, Dancer, AND every woman who wanted sun was at the pool that day...AND NAKED...His apartment was a nice long stroll along the inside of that building, the stroll was along the pool and 1 floor up......DANG! It took 16 hours to load.....The help paid me that day!

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