Monday, February 13, 2017


The number one ingredient to success is caring..if you sincerely do not care about the person in front of you - you will never truly succeed.
What is success to you ? More money ? Titles ?
I always said that my true reward was when a driver, employee or agent said thank you to me and that I helped them and that I made a difference.

Last week my heart was full and I was totally overwhelmed with post, text, emails and calls from people around the country thanking me and telling me I helped them. I was blown away and felt so blessed. My wife and kids told me that was from over four decades of caring and helping people.
I never claimed to be smarter then anyone else but I quickly learned at a younger age that so many people that I met and worked either for or with did not care about others. They went through their day half listening and not following through or even calling back people. They mostly worried about themselves and thought that their title would bring respect.

I also had a great mentor, Paul Arpin, Paul cared about others and treated everyone the same. Rather you emptied his trash or were a VP he always took the time to look up and say hi and ask how you were. The key from there was he also listened ! He was tough and during working hours he was there to work and expected the same from you but he also took the time to listen and care and he got to know you.

Last week proved to me that you can make a difference, one person at a time. I cannot ever express in words how fulfilling it is to know that in some small way you played a role in another person's life.

If you want to succeed, stop- look up- listen and CARE.

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