Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Follow through

Follow through !
It amazes me that people do not follow up on what they say or promise. I see it every day and in all walks of life, people tell you something that they will do or look into and then you end having to chase them for the result or the answer. If you want to stand out simply do what you say and follow up. 
Call, email,text but get back to people- do not let the day go by or use the lame excuse that you were too busy- it all comes down to RESPECT.
People appreciate follow up so they know that you were not just giving lip service and that you respected them. If you do not have the answer yet then say that but follow up.
 If you just want to say thank you- follow up- And follow through.
Let them know they ARE important to you and that you listened and that you respect them. 
It cost you nothing but it will help build a reputation that you can be proud of .

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