Saturday, April 23, 2016



 You’re in a leadership position because you were successful at getting things done.
In your wildest dreams, you never thought that relationships were important.
 They are THE most important thing in leadership.

So get out there and connect and communicate with those who support you. Don’t wait for them to reach out to you.

 Take responsibility, and get to know them and their expectations for you and your organization.

Get to know your co-workers-

Research has shown that top performing teams have one thing in common – psychological safety. And to achieve that, you need vulnerability.
There are few things more vulnerable at work than sharing personal stories with the people you work with. Just get to know them, and give them a chance to know you!

When your co-workers stop seeing each other as mere colleagues, and as complex human beings instead, it works wonders to bring a team together.

 People take more risks, help each other, and are more likely to view your ideas and motives in a positive light.

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