Friday, April 15, 2016


5 words to live by in business.. FOLLOW UP AND FOLLOW THROUGH

If you live by these five words you will earn respect by your peers and your customers and you will find your days less challenging.

Always FOLLOW UP with everybody- it does not matter who it is or your busy you are- ALWAYS FOLLOW UP !
It is totally disrespectful to not return a call or a email, if you are busy then just say that and get back to that person when you can spare 3-4 minutes.

Always FOLLOW UP - if you say you are going to do something- DO IT !
Rather it is a returning a call or setting up for the next day or week if you follow up to check and double check you will have less surprises.
Your goal is to eliminate as much surprises as possible, you will still have things arise on any given day that will be a curve ball but by following up beforehand you can at least start to limit those surprises or curve balls.

Follow up and follow through !

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