Friday, April 8, 2016

A Commitment

1. A commitment is a commitment

—It doesn’t matter if it’s a verbal agreement, a handshake, or a written contract—a commitment is a commitment. If you make, you should be prepared to honor it. One area about commitments that has tripped me up, and perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing, is implied commitments stemming from unclear expectations.

 I’ve made comments to colleagues or team members to the effect of “Let me think about that,” or “I need some time to process that idea.” To me those are vague, non-committal statements, but others have interpreted them as meaning that I’m agreeing the ball is now in my court and I’m on the hook for the next action.

I’m learning the value of leaving meetings and conversations with clear expectations about who owns what about any next steps.

The above was from a successful High Scholl Baseball Player...more tomorrow.

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