Sunday, April 3, 2016

Change the pattern

Were some you of brought up in a abusive home?
Did you live with a alcoholic or two ?
Did you not spend quality time actually talking with each other?

Break the pattern.

You have the power to change , make up your mind and follow your heart.
I hear stories every day about bad childhoods , you are not unique.
Actually if you have a wonderful upbringing you are probably the minority.
I hate to say that but I believe it.
The older I get and the more stories I hear I know that we all share heartaches.
It is how each person deals with them that matters.

Sometimes the worse can get the best of you.

Learn from them , learn from your mistakes.
Grow - change.

It is never too late- the first step is taking a honest look both in the mirror and in your past.
Change the pattern

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