Thursday, April 14, 2016


Power is held in trust.

The power I have as a leader is something entrusted to me, both from my boss who put me in this position and by my followers who have consented to follow my lead. This power is not mine to keep. I’m a temporary steward of this power as long as I’m in my leadership role and it could be taken away at anytime should something drastic change in the relationship with my boss or followers.

We’re all familiar with “consent of the governed,” the phrase that describes the political theory that a government’s legitimate and moral right to use state power over citizens can only be granted by the consent of the citizens themselves. The same concept applies to organizational leadership, and the minute our people no longer support our leadership, we have a serious problem.

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Road Warrior said...

Only comment I have for this is the value placed on you of all the people you have supported and helped...You do your job well,help those that need it,support those you believe in...They will,in turn,support,and believe in and will fight for you....I've seen this my entire life....I've seen guys hired back because of the hell raising that occured from below.....They have your back...