Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chocolate Milk

So I come to work this morning and go to the vending machine to buy a carton of milk for my cereal only to find that they only have chocolate milk left. Now I never had chocolate milk on my cereal before but what the heck, I like chocolate milk and I like cereal so let's give it a shot.
I loved it !
So what the heck is the big deal?

I see where we all get so entrenched in habits and routines that the least little thing that may go different we think as a negative. Trying different things is how we learn.
Now the chocolate milk is of course a very minor example but as a example none the less.
Unless we try something new how do we know?

I was in Operations at my place of work for 28 years and I ran the department for most those years, I saw it from from a 7 million dollar company to a 100 million dollar company-  so to pick myself out of it to try something new was awfully difficult.
I had wicked withdrawal and was not sure if I was doing the right thing. I knew that I needed a change and that I did not and could not do something unless I gave it 100%.
I am glad to say that the new position gave me a shot in the arm, yes I still miss the day to day in operations and the challenges but I love the challenge of creating something and most of all helping others.

Recently I found myself volunteering for a non profit Theatre group and I loved the energy and the opportunity it presented to help others - who would of thought ? And after a year and half we are seeing that a community needs us, local businesses are reaching out to us, we are making a difference.

I never would have known if I did not try, if I did not ignore the nerves or the negative thoughts that surround us all when we try something new.

I think I may have chocolate milk with my cereal more often.. who woulda knew ?

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